Valentine’s Day

Right now I’m sitting in the backyard of my parent’s house, wondering how the heck I’m so freezing cold in this 70 degree weather. I literally feel like I’m in a nightmare. How do people do this? This is summer weather for my family up north, why am I being ridiculous?

But, no matter.

This was a really great week; I spent a lot of time with my sister, shopping, hanging out, watching movies with our cousin Natalie and her boyfriend. We went to Chili’s for lunch, which I haven’t done in a while. That table-side guac was on point!

I bought some new boots for work, which I couldn’t wait to wear until Tuesday, so I’m wearing them now, along with three layers of jackets and a scarf. Again, I’m quite ridiculous.

Kenny dropped off our Valentine’s donations to River Side, a nursing home, without me on Friday, which I wasn’t too happy about (there was no way I could get there in time). But I am glad that we could make a difference this holiday by giving back to the community. There are so many wonderful elderly in our community who have no family or whose families are unable to see them and take care of them regularly. Many elderly patients suffer from extreme depression. I got the idea off the internet of giving Valentines as a way to cheer them up. My family, and then the demo team, spent hours putting together over 130 handmade valentines.

Work was pretty stressful. I’m still so new that it takes me awhile to get things done; I’m not always sure that I’m doing the right thing, and there’s really no one there to go through everything to train me. It’s more of a hands-on approach actually. In a way, its great; There’s a ton of freedom. But its also a little scary to not always know what you’re doing, especially when some of what I do can affect the legality of certain situations.

There are a lot of perks, however, to my new position. For example, tomorrow I get President’s Day off- and I get paid. Uh… yeah, sign me up. I also really like the experience that I’m getting now. I get to work on pretty cool projects and learn a lot of exciting things about social media and marketing, which I’m really interested in. For example, my supervisor for social media was teaching me about Google Analytics and how to actually understand not only what it was saying, but why it was saying those things. I really hope we can eventually delve deeper into those topics.

As for Patrick and I’s Valentine’s Day, I really wish I had something exciting to say, but thus far, I do not. Unfortunately he’s working until about 7:30, and as we discovered on Friday night, we are very old people now and cannot have dinner past 6:30 or we will both pass out and fall asleep at the table. I do have a little gift for him tonight,Β but since it’s only 5:30PM at the time of this writing I cannot disclose any surprises (on the very slim chance that he may read this).

Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends. We all deserve to be loved <3

An update: When we got home, there were flowers, a card, chocolates, and guitar picks with little “reasons why [he] picks me” written on them. I read them all aloud and keep saying “Aww, me too!” It was so sweet and thoughtful. I also gave him his gifts, which were:Β a nice tee I picked up at the mall on Saturday, 3 boxes of girl scout cookies, and 7 letters for him to open on different occasions (like if he has a bad day or something).

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