Black Lives Matter

I think everyone who is in protest against the BLM movement is kind of missing the point, so just to be clear: they are not saying blue lives don’t matter and that all lives don’t matter. They are simply asking you to honestly look at their reality and to admit that racism still exists. They are pleading with you to acknowledge that scary things happen to them everyday because of the color of their skin, something they cannot change. They are asking you to please care about them.

Every situation, every day is different, for both cops and for black people. But the majority of the time black people are scared for simply living in this world. They are afraid to blink the wrong way or they might get shot. Like I said, every situation is different. But they are asking you to look honestly in the mirror and ask yourself if you are a part of the problem.

I am Cuban but I am really white looking, so I don’t have to worry. I have never walked into a store and felt eyes looking at me, suspecting that I was ready to steal. I have never been pulled over and feared that the situation would call for anything more than a ticket, I have never felt afraid that I might not come home, simply by leaving the house. But this is reality for so many people, not because it’s their job or because it’s their choice, but because they have dark skin.

I have a lot of cop friends, who I love and admire so much. I would never want anything bad to happen to them. They deserve all the respect and admiration in the world. This is an irrelevant point to what I’m trying to make. If they really have to make a hard call, make that hard call, I wouldn’t blam

e them. I’m not a police officer, I don’t have any perspective on the difficulties of their jobs, and I’m not trying to tell them how to do it. But there are cops out there who abuse their power. It’s okay to say that, because it happens in EVERY field of of work.

Anyway, it’s tough for both sides. It’s hard on the majority of cops who are just loving people, trying to protect their communities. It’s hard for black people to see so much of this, and to stand by like its nothing. This is an everyday reality. If you really read about all these shootings, especially the recent in Dallas, you would know that the BLM movement does not stand behind those shootings. They do not believe cops deserve harm or death.

Again, all they are saying is that their lives matter too.

If you are tired of the videos and the posts or whatever, then fine, delete me, please. But take a good look in the mirror tonight, and honestly ask yourself if you can admit that it’s scary to be black and live in America right now. Admit that you would not want this story to be yours.

Love is the way. It will always be the way. But first, there must be honesty.


P.S. Don’t comment on this unless you’ve looked yourself in the mirror. Educated comments only.

Note: This post was originally posted on my personal Facebook page on July 9, 2016.

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    Kristianna Denise
    August 14, 2016 at 12:17 am

    Great Post! This is important and needs to be heard.

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      January 5, 2017 at 9:34 pm

      Thank you! I really feel strongly about this topic. Especially after these past few months!

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