That Time We Went to Warped Tour for Free (2016)

I wasn’t in much of a rush that day. The past couple of years haven’t really been that great, so on the morning of Warped Tour, I took my time getting dressed, then made my way home to pick up my sister. I stopped looking at the line up last year and this year. Like I said, it didn’t invoke much of a desire in me. But when Pat came home the other night, he handed me a pair of tickets. I felt that perhaps mediocre fortune had intervened; maybe I was meant to go after all. And there I went, off to Warped Tour.

No one was more excited than my sister, who, when I called to invite her, freaked-out mandrake style. We got there around noon, and immediately ran into my cousin, Brian. He told us one of his friends was playing in one of the bands, so we said we’d meet up later and check them out. As we walked around we noticed an awesome new band, Bad Seed Rising. The had some really good songs and the band was overall pretty decent, but what really set it apart was its lead singer. She definitely gets a gold star for her performance abilities. Every note, every word was believable; she really gripped my attention, regardless of whether or not I wanted it gone; a real talent. In addition, her vocal abilities were right on up there with Haley Williams. She nailed it. We walked around for a bit, and checked out the main stage for New Found Glory, Four Year Strong, and Less Than Jake, all of which were solid, not to mention a great mix of sounds. They definitely thought out the line up this year.

Halfway through Less Than Jake we drifted around (we’ve both seen them a couple of times before), and found ourselves at the Monster truck. We chilled with a couple friends, watched the biggest mosh pit I’ve ever seen in my life, then headed down to see Chunk, Captain Chunk. I texted my cousin. He said his friend’s band (Ice Nine Kills) was up in a few, and he was backstage with them! Before that day I hadn’t heard of them, but they were amazing. Definitely one of my favorite bands of the day. Their energy was incredible, and their musicality was impressive. Afterwards, we met up with him and he explained that he knew them from school. Most of them even went to the college I was supposed to go to (Berklee), which explains the musicality. We headed to the main stage, but were blocked off by live nation employees. I understand that they have safety precautions to follow, but that was probably the worst part of the whole event; you had to fight your way to the pit for like an hour just to see the bands up close.

But I digress… We saw We the Kings, Pepper, Real Friends, Mayday Parade, Yellowcard, Sleeping with Sirens, and about two songs worth of Sum 41. It was kinda humorous because I had a freak out, girly scream sesh over Yellowcard, and my sister had the exact same reaction to Sleeping with Sirens. If you haven’t kept up with these bands recently, or you didn’t see them at warped tour, you might have missed that Yellowcard has just released their final album, and are currently on their last tour. They’re coming to west palm again in the fall, and it’s bittersweet but I also can’t wait. Sleeping with Sirens, was, of course, incredible as always. Their musicality, talents, and energy is consistently one of the best every time I see them. We left the main stage right after, because even though it was so surreal to see Sum 41 that close (I could see the pores of their faces and the dirt on their hands), it also turned into a maddeningly crazy mosh as soon as they came onstage. My sister and I looked at each other, and even though she’s about half my size, height and width-wise, I felt like she was saving me from the madness. She grabbed my arm and pulled me through the crowd, swinging me in a couple different directions to keep people from hitting me.

After we got out of there, we tried to meet up with our cousin again, but he was on his way out, so we left too. We hit up Burger King on the way home for burgers and milk shakes, then the rest of the night was kind of uneventful. We did drive to a party, but it was too crazy, so I didn’t even park the car, we just left! Anyway, thanks for reading! If you’ve never gone to warped before, don’t think, just do! And if you’re a kid whose worried about asking your parents, there’s actually a Parents Tent at every stop so they don’t cramp your style, but also so they don’t worry too much.️

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