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Tea Time at The Chesterfield on Palm Beach Island

Chesterfield Palm Beach

The Girls in the Front Lobby of The Chesterfield Palm Beach

Chesterfield Palm Beach

The Chesterfield Palm Beach Menu

The Morning

This weekend, I attended the most adorable Saturday tea-time bridal shower. I was so excited, I woke up feeling surprisingly awake. Usually staying up until 4am makes me feel like I got hit by a train, but not this time. I packed a change of clothes and headed off to teach the demo team, as I usually do on Saturday mornings.

Chesterfield Palm Beach

Flowers at the Front Entrance

Chesterfield Palm Beach

Little luggage cart at The Chesterfield Palm Beach

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That Time We Went to Warped Tour for Free (2016)

I wasn’t in much of a rush that day. The past couple of years haven’t really been that great, so on the morning of Warped Tour, I took my time getting dressed, then made my way home to pick up my sister. I stopped looking at the line up last year and this year. Like I said, it didn’t invoke much of a desire in me. But when Pat came home the other night, he handed me a pair of tickets. I felt that perhaps mediocre fortune had intervened; maybe I was meant to go after all. And there I went, off to Warped Tour.

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Black Lives Matter

I think everyone who is in protest against the BLM movement is kind of missing the point, so just to be clear: they are not saying blue lives don’t matter and that all lives don’t matter. They are simply asking you to honestly look at their reality and to admit that racism still exists. They are pleading with you to acknowledge that scary things happen to them everyday because of the color of their skin, something they cannot change. They are asking you to please care about them.

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Being Grateful in the Workplace

I don’t like to talk specifics about work. A girl can get into a lot of trouble by saying what she’s really thinking, which is the real reason I never list my work anywhere or really talk about it that much.

But today, I’m going to break my own rule, because there’s an important message I want to talk about, and that is, to just be grateful.

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Nasal Cauterization, No.

This has been a rough week, to say the least. Last Tuesday, I had a nasal cauterization, mini-surgery type thing. I kept getting nosebleeds and headaches, so I originally went to a regular doctor, then to a neurologist, then finally to the ENT, where I had the procedure done.

Let me just say, nasal cauterization sucks quite a bit. Firstly, it was terrifying to be in that chair with this giant stick up my nose, then I had three shots done all up in there, then I had (basically) a giant vein in my nose singed off. SO GROSS. I got so queasy and dizzy afterwards, they had to seat me in another room; I really thought I was going to hurl all over the place actually…

A couple of days later, it was still really painful, like extremely painful, but I got so caught up at work trying to prepare for this giant annual meeting my company hosts, that I didn’t have time to call the doctor until I got off work. Unfortunately, their office closed at 4:30, and I missed it. I decided, a couple hours later, that I needed to get to Urgent Care.

Well, its a good thing I trusted my gut, because I had a fever and was developing an infection. The worst thoughts came into my mind, and when the doctor mentioned she didn’t want sepsis to creep in, even worse thoughts appeared. This was totally going to turn into an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, they were going to have to chop my nose off, and then I was going to die.

I was a little stressed.

Urgent Care prescribed antibiotics, but all Saturday and Sunday I was so nervous, on the verge of going into the ER. I called all my nurse friends, called the hospital, called my parents, everyone. My parents talked me down, eventually, but I was still scared. There was so much puss and blood and grossness. By Sunday night, the pain was very minimal and it had dried up quite a bit. I was still pretty worried, but my temperature was pretty normal again and I didn’t feel as much pain.

This morning I went in for my follow-up. The doctor noted that it was unusual for a nasal cauterization to become infected like that. He gave me a topical anti-biotic to add to my other antibiotics, and I did my first application when I got home. It was really scary again because they had to numb me, then stick sticks up there, then suck crap out, ugh, it was awful. I got sick again and my dad had to drive me home while my car sat in the parking lot. I didn’t even feel well enough for food.

Anyway, I’m writing this disgusting story for a couple of reasons: First, because I searched the entire internet for a story about infections after nasal cauterizations and only found a couple of stories and no comfort during my three days of freaking-out. And second, because I wanted to take this opportunity to say how grateful I am for Health Insurance in this crazy freaking country. I don’t even want to add up how much money I’ve spent in the last week, with or without the insurance. I’ve seen 4 doctors, 1 twice, I’ve had four prescriptions, and I’ve missed two full days of work. That’s a ton of money to think about.

And its absolutely crazy that not everyone in this country has health insurance. I would happily pay an increase in taxes for the overall payoff of health and wellness in this country, because this week was crazy, and I can’t help but feel so awful for people who can’t afford it. This past December, I would have paid this entire week out of my pocket, and honestly, that’s a nightmare to think about.

Anyway, if you googled and found this, I hope you’re feeling better. Call your doctor to make sure your symptoms are normal, if not, go to Urgent care. Take your temperature. Trust your gut. Because I almost lost my nose.




The Six Things I Learned at 23

On the eve of my 24th birthday, I’d like to share some things I learned at the wonderful age of 23.

  1. Its never too late to walk away. For me, that meant walking away from a job I loved in order to try something new (and scary) and equally as exciting, if not more exciting. I wanted to learn about marketing and social media, and the only way to do that was to find hands-on experience. The job I had wasn’t meeting my needs, and that’s okay. I needed the push to find something I really wanted to invest my time in.
  2. You will always learn more about yourself, every day. For me, this meant asking deep questions about who I am. I learned so much this year about what I want out of life and how to just be myself, in any situation that comes my way.
  3. You really can trust your mom with anything. I am more and more like my mother every day, and thank God, because honestly sometimes I don’t know how to deal with myself. Well, she’s been dealing with me for 24 years, so she is the ultimate expert in all things Crystal.
  4. The real world is tough and has no mercy. There is no slack out there for anyone- if you don’t have thick skin and know how to stand up for yourself, you will get stepped on. Its better to be strong and put other people in their place then to let them make you feel small and think they can get away with it.
  5. Stop biting off more than you can chew. I’m a text-book-case overachiever and hold myself to the highest degree of unrealistic standards. This year I learned that, sometimes, I really can’t do everything. And really, I should stop trying. I always have such compassion for others, but I have to remember to have compassion for myself too. Its okay if I’m not perfect.
  6. Living with your boyfriend is amazing. Don’t be afraid, take the plunge. Living with your best friend is the best feeling in the world (aside from holding a golden retriever puppy, which I’m childishly wishing for as my birthday present).

T-minus 10 hours and counting. Cheers, 23. Thanks for everything.


Re: Why I Will Never Respect Meghan Trainer

I recently read an blog post, “Why I Will Never Respect Meghan Trainer,” and the first thing that popped into my mind was… Wow, really harsh words for someone who claims to be a “feminist.”


My first thought was that this is probably some feminist who obviously doesn’t understand the definition of feminism at its core.


Yes, feminism is about equality for men and women, and that’s the basic gist of it, but it’s also more than that. As a feminist myself, I believe that regardless of another woman’s personal beliefs and opinions, we are all women who face the same or similar issues on a daily basis, and for that reason alone, we should always respect each other.

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Valentine’s Day

Right now I’m sitting in the backyard of my parent’s house, wondering how the heck I’m so freezing cold in this 70 degree weather. I literally feel like I’m in a nightmare. How do people do this? This is summer weather for my family up north, why am I being ridiculous?

But, no matter.

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A Monkey’s Roots

It’s Chinese New Year and officially my year again! I’m a Monkey (and no I don’t make a habit of saying that)!

Hopefully this means amazing things for my family and I. Today we got together to clean and reorganize the dojo we own. It’s amazing how moving things around and dusting off the shelves can really make a change in the energy of a place.

Lately I’ve been feeling a lot closer to the family business. I think after so many years of it being my life, I needed some  s p a c e  to breathe and be on my own. Now, I think I’m ready to go back to my monkey roots.

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